Tgz expansion fails

  • Trying to expand a tgz file that contains some .log files and a vmdk file. The tgz is 2281 MB in size.

    PowerArchiver extracts the .log files, which are small, and then spends a long time creating a 0 length .vmdk file.

    7-Zip extracts the tgz to a 24GB .tar file, and then PowerArchiver extracts the .tar file the same - creates the .log files and then a 0 length .vmdk file.

    7-Zip extracts the .tar file into the .log files, two .vmdk files at 10GB and 14GB, and some other small files.

    PowerArchiver fails the same way on a network drive and a local drive. The local drive has 1.2TB free. The C: drive (where temp is located) has 858GB free.

  • conexware

    PA does not have support for TAR files larger than 4 GB right now, which is where the issue is. I think we will manage to add support for PA 2011.

  • i know this is wrong to add this but a way round it is to use a plugin like multiarchive from total commander or some other source that works witn pa’s plugin system and a commandline version of the program you require. I have tried a plugin for the latest winrar and it works better than pa’s own support. However use with caution as i have not fully tested this method properly only on files i have .

  • Perhaps PA 2010 should give an error message rather than fail silently?

    Thanks for the reply!

  • conexware

    We did one better - added support for unlimited size in TAR archives :)

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