• Here’s the problem I’m having.

    I want to backup a folder every so often. I used the Backup feature in PowerArchiver. What I want to happen is for it to synchronize the folders contents with the archive contents. For example, adding new files, updating changed files and deleting missing files. There’s no option to do this manually either. The closest option is “Update and Add Files” but that won’t delete missing files. In Winrar, it has an option “Synchronize archive contents” which works nicely. Is there no way to do this in Powerarchiver?

  • Are you saying you want the backup to delete files from the archive? Most users would consider any backup utilities doing to have a “bug” :p

    As you say, I don’t think PA has an option to do this as an option for backup (except for creating new archive).

    Synchronising is more of a file management function rather than a backup function.

  • conexware

    yes, it would be an nightmare :)… imagine setting it up to sync and then you accidentally delete one file and BAM! file is deleted from your backup as well…

  • no rweally a problem you could add a file check if anyfile is changed ask wether to delete it or not

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