Problems with Chinese file names in tar archives.

  • I can use powerarchiver to make a tar archive of a file with a chinese name like 使用此劇本需交付版權費.txt and I can successfully extract this tar.gz archive with PowerArchiver.

    However when I try to extract this archive with 7z, winrar or winzip it fails, because the file name changes into 使用æcensored¤åŠ‡æœ¬éœ€äº¤ä»˜ç‰ˆæ¬Šè²».txt .

    What kind of encoding does PowerArchiver use for file names in a tar archive?

    I tried converting with hunderds of different encodings but all fail.

    PowerArchiver also can’t extract successfully tar archives with Chinese file names made by 7z, the file name changes into ____.txt .

  • conexware

    can you send us some examples? compress those files into 7z named something like test.7z and email us at support at conexware dot com with referencing this thread and we will take an look.

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