Ugh .. Incremental .. I am just stupid?

  • Sigh … all I want to do is be able to backup new files every evening. Once a week I will do a full doc backup but I cant afford to lose the work I have done for a day and so want to do an Incremental every night.

    So … I am openly sobbing from frustration now … I made a pbs named it incremental doc … went through all the put the file here and backup this folder and when I get to the spot that asks the type of backup I select incremental.

    So far so good … but when I run that script it runs really fast through about 10 items and says its done ?!

    So is there something I have to do first. Can someone take me through this from step one … Please … pretty please :(


  • conexware

    first do full one and then incremental, it seems as if your files didnt change so there is nothing to do for backup.

  • Do I have to name the full backup and the incremental the same?

  • conexware

    no, thats just if you want same backup to be updated…

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