How to perform differential backup?

  • I made a script that backs up the “My Documents” folder. While creating the script using the wizard I selected Differential backup. I ran it and it dutifully backed up those files. Lets say it came out to 31000 kb. 2 days later I went to the pbs and ran it.

    It didnt only save the new or changed files but did a normal back up again so the new backup was 31200.

    So now I have the original backup from tuesday at 31000 and a new file on wednesday of 31200. I wanted to use differential for faster backup and smaller files

    So what am I doing wrong

  • Alpha Testers

    Don’t use it normally but just did a test and it seemed Ok.

    Only thing I can think of is you are adding a timestamp to the file name. Try deselecting that by editing your script. See if that helps.

  • conexware

    can you zip your pbs and send it to support at conexware dot com and refference this thread, so we can take an look at it… it SHOULD work, but there might be something wrong somewhere… thanks!

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