Somebody please HELP me! how to "add one file to several archives", please…...

  • dear all members here, I really need and will really appreciate if someone can help me

    i don’t know whether this feature has existed before (and it’s just my stupidity not knowing that)

    please tell me how to add one file (same single file) to several (already existed) archives

    if my words are not clear, i’d explain like this
    say I already have 100 zips in my folder (named to then I have a task to add a “readme.txt” file to each of them (same readme.txt file)

    how to do that in batch please? that would be really time-consuming if i have to manually add them one-by-one

    i tried many ways before, but none succeed. because when i right click that “readme.txt” file, i can only add them to ONE archive

    please help me if this is possible, either with this PowerArchiver, or any other method (perhaps using additional/other software), because I really this this task to be done

    thank you very, very much

  • conexware

    you could do this via PACL… maybe one of the PACL gurus will help you here :)

  • The “simplest” approach would be using a DOS batch file.

    Something like

    FOR %%X IN (*.zip) DO PACOMP -a %%X readme.txt

    Note: assumes all zip files and the readme are in same folder (and that PACL is in system PATH).

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