PowerArchiver process keeps running

  • I recently upgraded to version 11.63 and since then the powerarchiver process continues to run after I close the powerarchiver window in Windows 7.

    If I open Powerarchiver from the start menu and use it, then its process closes after I exit. However, if I double click on a RAR or ZIP archive, then the Powerarchiver process continues to run after I close the window.

    To make things even worse, these processes then start to consume CPU resources at an alarming rate.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • conexware

    maybe some software like antivirus doing this? or anything else that could be running in the background and influencing PA…?

  • I have not changed my system at all. The old version was working properly before I upgraded to the newer version

  • conexware

    your antivirus might be detecting new version differently.

    You can also send us your settings to support at conexware dot com, that way we will try to reproduce the issue with same configuration as you are using.

    To do that, go to regedit.exe, navigate to HKCU\Software\PowerArchiver and right click on it, select export and then zip it and send us zipped reg file to above mentioned email address.


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