Annoying bug when using "Batch Archive Creation"

  • Hi, this is a bug that I reported earlier in 2009 thru’ email after trying a trial version and in a very detailed way, but regrettably it is still present. :(

    I don’t have the enough time to recreate it thoroughly again, but I’ll try the best to let you understand anyway.

    Let’s say I want to use the “BAC” tool to create a “x” amount of ZIP, 7ZIP or other compressed files. I take for example, 10 JPG files and compress them to ZIP format. It is all right, but here begins the problem:

    It doesn’t matter the file type or amount of files you use, PA will always alters the name of the resultant compressed files “adding them a dash followed by the extensions” of the files you are working with.

    Since I don’t know English very well, I hope these graphical steps from this example, help you understand my above explanation:

    1- Select 10 JPG files to convert them to ZIP format:

    2- Run the conversion and get the result:

    As I said before, it doesn’t matter the amount of files nor the file type you are using, PA will always rename the resultant files. In this specific case, you may observe what I mean in the “_jpg” part of the files.

    After all the conversions, there will always be an “_xxx” renaming addenda for all the files, made by PA.

    3- The right result should be, “directly”, this:

    I hope you can fix this, so nobody else will have to make an additional step with a renaming tool, just to fix the files.


  • conexware

    Thanks for writing Juan!

    The extensions are there to keep filename conflicts from occurring.
    For example:
    If you have Test.doc and Test.jpg and Test.png all in the same folder and you want to create batch ZIP archive. You would have 3 files all going to exact the same location and Windows does not allow that

  • That’s comprehensible, but I think those particular cases you mention are not the “general” cases of a regular user. Moreover, PA doesn’t make any distinction when it manage the files, I mean, the renaming process will be always there although you don’t need it.

    The best solution you can implement here would be a “context sensitive” PA’s feature, i.e., in the eventual case (just in those particular cases) a user have a similar situation to the one you mentioned before, PA will detect and apply that renaming process automatically. And in all the other cases when it is unnecessary it applies the renaming process, it just will not do it.


  • conexware

    yes, but it is not simple at all ;-). So we can put it on wishlist for one of the future versions.

    btw. we changed it to this behaviour because we got plenty of bugs reported when people had same filenames ;-).

  • conexware

    bump to take a look at this for b4

  • Hi, maybe you can find some workaround to this, it’s been three years so far after all and it’s still present. :)

    By the way, could you make some of your program windows’ re-sizable? Mainly the ones related to “Archive Converter…” and “Batch Archive Creation…”.


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