DOH! Just lost my context menu PA entries

  • The PA context menu entries are gone from windows explorer (xp).

    I unregistered zipfldr.dll (regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll) and not only did that get rid of zipfolders, it killed the PA context menu.

    I tried re-registering zipfolders (regsvr32 zipfldr.dll) but that didn’t work, obviously it killed some registry data that was vital to it working. I goog’d and found a bunch of fixes, they all looked promising but all failed.

    I uninstalled PA, re-installed, but no luck. I searched microsoft knowledge base, but couldn’t find anything there that worked.

    I fired up regedit, looked for the PA registry context menu entries and they are there and they look ok, so why don’t they show up in windows explorer.

    Any ideas on restoring the context menu or did I just completely screw myself?

  • Alpha Testers

    You could have a look in Options > Shell Extensions and see if Use Shell Extensions is checked.

    If that doesn’t help then you will have to wait for one of the PA geniuses to come along. :)

  • conexware

    execute _pautil.exe in PA folder… (with admin permissions if in Win7/Vista)… lets see if that restores them.

  • I figured it out! And it’s a duzi.

    My restoration of zipfolders actually worked, BUT…. what MUST happen before the changes are accepted by windoze XP registry is that they must be first verified by the class verifier app (verclsid.exe) … and I have that app kill filed by my HIPS firewall because the idiotic thing would run with every launch of every app… doing apparently nothing and killing my peace of mind with excess mouse clicks (I swear my right index finger is 2X as developed as my left index finger - LOL). So I got caught in windoze spaghetti logic and that contemptible heinous, and in a direct quote from billgates himself, “the beep stupid idea I’ve ever heard” … the windblows registry.

    The registry is a stinking pile of beep. Thanks microfcuk for killing my precious time, you incompetent worthless convicted monopolist criminals.

    oh yeah, one more thing - beep recapthca

  • conexware


    kids could be reading this!

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