Tar files, and lost trust

  • Hi, it seems like PA has got trouble extracting very large tar archives(I’ve been using archives around 8GB with about 20 - 50 files in it). It extracts files to cover about 4 GB plus about 200 mb more than that. What’s funny I’m unable to extract remaining files even manually, these are always the same files in the archive. Some other FREE archiver(which name i don’t want to mention unless you want me to) doesn’t seem to be limited in the same way(while extracting very same file). Meanwhile PA didn’t even give me any sort of information or error therefore I wasn’t aware certain files are missing until I wanted to back them up to another hard drive luckily I still had my remote back-up.
    Nevertheless I feel like I can not trust PA anymore. I hope you will continue to develop this as i used to think great application and will not lose any more users.

    I’m using Windows 7 64 bit
    PA 11.62.04

  • conexware

    there are currently limits to our tar support… we will take an look and let you know. Mili can write it in for investigation…

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