Perfect example of something that drives me nuts

  • I don’t have my usual zest for writing elegant(ish), long problem reports. So I’ll make it quick and dirty.

    I was creating an archive using the shellex. So I started off by looking at the Add window. We on the same page? Cool.

    ZIP was selected by default. I hit Browse, navigated to the parent directory I wanted, then created a new directory and opened it. Then of course I entered the desired archive name. All of this was done in the “Find Archive…” dialog.

    Then I clicked Open (or I hit Enter, same thing). The “Add to archive” text box reflected the correct path/name for the archive I wanted to create.

    Ah, but!

    I wanted a 7-ZIP archive, so I clicked the 7-ZIP radio button.

    The audacity!

    As soon as I clicked 7-ZIP, the path and file name changed. The path became the current directory, and the name reverted to some default name.

    This would have been merely annoying if I had noticed the new path and name before creating the archive. But silly me, I didn’t. So I had to figure out where the archive was, and why it wasn’t where I told PA to put it.


    Why would the path be blown away? Why after all this time, am I the only user who discovers things like this?

    I don’t get it.

    The file extension should change, but nothing else.

  • Alpha Testers

    no you’re not the only one that discovers such things…you’ll find that many members find other obscure issues with the program that some of us don’t encounter on a day to day usage of PA.

    yes we do explore unconventional options that we wouldn’t normally use in PA but during the course of using you’ll see lots of different testers posting varied reports.

    I can see why this one is frustrating you though…:(

  • Hi Thanks “Nameless”, this should be addressed for the next Release.

    Keep an eye out and don’t hesitate to hold back when reporting bugs. PowerArchiver pride them in getting out Fixes as soon as it is possible.

  • conexware

    seems like an bug in save as dialogue call…

  • conexware

    we will fix it once we come to that stage of alpha testing for next release…. Mili needs to write it up into the tracker… thank you.

  • I would not be complaining about the alpha (though this problem does happen with it). This issue happens with the latest release version (11.62).

    Edit: Sorry, your wording made me think you were under the impression I found the problem in an alpha build…

  • conexware


    I would not be complaining about the alpha (though this problem does happen with it). This issue happens with the latest release version (11.62).

    i know… as we are working on next release, alphas are the latest of whats going on around here…

  • conexware

    Written in the tracker!

    Many thanks nameless!!!
    Don’t let our bugs frustrate you, befriend them and report them!!


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