Virtual Drive PAVD under Windows 7 64bit

  • Regretfully, Virtual Drive is not installed.
    Am running W7 64bit.

    When clicking on “Burner-Virtual Drive-Create” I get a warning:

    “Check StarPort drivr failed! Check if StarPort or StarPort Lite is installed.”

    Help says: “… If you do not already have Virtual Drive installed, PowerArchiver will automatically offer to download and install latest PAVD drivers for you.”

    This is not the case, I am : PA does not offer to download/install the drivers.

    When doing a “Check for updates”, on the 2nd page: PA tells me that the installed version of PowerArchiver VD Emulator is and I am in fact using the latest version.

    What am I supposed to do to get this working?

    BTW and FWIW under Options-Configuration-Misc at the bottom at “Burning support via” I have 3 options:
    Autodetect, SPTD, SPTI, ASPI. It was set at SPTI, but Changing it to SPTD did not make any difference.
    Think it should preferrably be set to SPTI.

    Above may also have some reference to a separate thread: "Testing required: PAVD on 64bit Win7/Vista "


  • conexware

    Delete pavd2010.exe from your PA folder and install it again… let us know if it works then. thanks.

  • Thanks a lot!

    Maybe I should have run “pastarport13004.exe” separately.

    Anyway, matter solved.

  • conexware


    Updater only checks the version of PAVD, it can not check if drivers are installed properly, so if anyone experiences this kind of problem, just run the installation again… It works fine in all OS’s, no need to worry…


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