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  • Alpha Testers

    When users post a thread about anything from a problem to a question, it would be great to have a resolved button for the thread.

    This could be used when the user got answer and suggestions that solved the original problem. The user then uses the Resolved button to mark the Thread as Resolved.

    When the users open a forum and get a list of threads, then it would be more easy to see which threads that are resolved.

    I don’t know how difficult it would be to implement this and it’s not that much important to me. It’s only a suggestion of how to make a small improvement to the forum.

    Kind Regards

  • conexware

    Hi Micke,

    we have been planning to do that… when it comes to tech support forums, closed threads are ones that have been resolved.

  • Could you associate the “thumbs up” icon (as on this message) with the thread title?

  • conexware

    there is an script for something similar…

  • conexware

    mods and admins can mark threads fixed now by going to the thread dropdown (inside thread) and hitting mark thread solved option ;-)

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