Some strange issues when changing the settings for a profile

  • When i open the “Configuration” and change some settings for a profile and then click cancel the changes are still saved. It doesn’t happen for all the settings, but some of them like the “Multiple disk spanning” and “Compression” field.

    So let’s say the open the “Configuration”, select “Compression profiles” and then the “ShellExt: ZIP default” profile. Then i change the “Multiple Disk Spanning” and “Compression” field and click cancel. When i enter the “Configuration” again and select the same profile my changes been saved even if i clicked cancel instead of Ok.

    Also if i under “Configuration” select the zip profile and change the “Multiple Disk Spanning” field from “No spanning” to “Custom” the “Max Volume Size” field is still disabled so i cannot type anything into that field. Then i would have to click ok and close the configuration dialog and re-enter the configuration and select the zip profile to change the “Max Volume Size” field. This only happen with the zip profiles.

  • conexware

    thanks, mili will check it out monday…

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