PA's file access routine

  • Hi all,

    I want to know how PA access a .zip file, does it temporarily decompress the file somewhere?

    Imagine I have a zip file called A, that contains important information but also contains an executable VIRUS (.exe), by opening A in PA does it provoke the Virus?!?


  • conexware


    simply opening or extracting the file does not start the virus but clicking on virus file itself - will of course.


  • Ok.

    So is it correct for me to say that

    1. a .zip file has a file-listing of all its compressed files and PA simply displays this list without extracting anything?


    1. PA scans through .zip file’s contents and build up a list of compressed files dynamically?

    If option 2 is correct then there is a possibility where a virus can be activated, doesn’t it?

  • conexware


    When you open the file, only zip header is read, not actual files (thats why it takes much longer to extract files than to simply open them).

    Even if you extract files, they are not activated, just extracted so virus can not be simply activated by extracting the file.

    Of course if you doubleclick on the .exe file, it will be “activated”, no matter what it is.


  • Thank you.

    Of course by doudle-clicking any executable will result in :eek:

    But I was assuming that: if using “dir” command in a terminal can activate the virus, I read this somewhere, is true then it could surely happen with extraction.

    Anyway, thank you for clearing up the issue.


    H V

  • conexware

    Executing “dir” can activate virus that is already in memory (memory resistant virus).

    But nor “dir” or “extract” can activate virus - on a clean computer virus can be activated only by executing - not any other action.

    So don’t worry about it.

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