Issue with extracting ZIP file

  • Hi,
    I have the following issue with PA 9.1:
    I have created zip file, it contains about 27 000 files and about 300 directories/subdirectories and its size is about 900 MB. Basically I have archived “Documents and Settings” dir.
    While arching it, PA said that there were some files with to long paths so it created log where it showed which files were not added - that’s OK. I’ve tested the archive with TEST option - no errors in archive. When I decided to extract this archive near the end (about 97%) PA said that there were an error - too long paths and no files were extracted. Here is example:

    My “Documents and Settings” contains the following subdirs:

    The main data (Outlook express, My documents and so on) is in dir USER5.
    the error happens while extracting subdir USER5 so, no data at ALL 😞 were extracted for this dir.
    As I understand this happens because PA extracts to TEMP dir and as there is an error while extracting subdir USER5, PA just break extraction process and doesn’t copy extracted files from TEMP dir. To extract the files I had to use WinRAR 3.41 which extracted archive without problems and just at the end created log showing which files were not extracted (there were about 10 files with very long paths which were not extracted).

    So there are two questions:

    1. Is it possible to make PA extract archive in any way, and just create log file at the end which shows what files were not extracted, as WinRAR does? As it’s very time consuming (about 10-15 min to extract this file even on DUAL XEON PC)
    2. Why while making TEST the error with long paths were not showed? Because basically, I don’t care that CRC is good but I can’t extract files (which are in archive) as they have too long paths.

    P.S. I’ve extracted my archive in dir “C:\1”.

    With best regards,

  • How long are the paths that fail (ie. how many characters) ?

  • Hi,
    too long paths which?
    Which were not extracted or which were not added?
    Basically they were about 260 characters and as I know this is maximum to ZIP.

    here is sample file,
    if you see there are three files: 160.txt, 170.txt and 11111111111111111111111111111.txt
    if you test this file - no errors, but if you try to extract file at least at C:\1 as extract to 1111111111 no files at all will be extracted and no error message will be displayed. I don’t see reasons why files 160.txt and 170.txt can’t be extracted and for 11111111111111111111111111111.txt create log which will show that this file is not extracted.


  • conexware

    I think 255 is Windows limitation actually, which is where the problem might be.

    What happens if you go to the PowerArchiver> Options> Config.> Misc.> Speed>
    and check option called “Use current folder as temp”?

    We will check it out for 9.2 and see what we can do about it to give you an option to keep these files. I have to test it before giving you solution but you might want to try that current folder as temp option since it might let you keep the files.


  • The Windows SDK docs list it as being 255 or 256 (can’t remember off-hand), but from experience I know that most Windows file functions actually only allow a maximum of approx 230-235 chars. So much for the definitive documentation eh ??? Although to be fair it’s the Windows code itself that is at fault rather than the documentation.

  • Hi,
    If i use PowerArchiver> Options> Config.> Misc.> Speed> and check option called “Use current folder as temp”, then close to the end the PA writes that file is in use and breakes decompressing. At the same time WinRar (as i wrote) didn’t produce this error with this archive. What can be an issue?


  • conexware

    What file was in use? Was it opened?

  • Hi,
    this file is in archive and of course it wasn’t open.
    As i said above i have compressed “Documents and Settings” folder (size is about 900 Mb in archive and about 27000 files). There is no any opened files, or something like that - only standard applications which run in background on Windows 2003. I use PowerArchiver> Options> Config.> Misc.> Speed> and checked option called “Use current folder as temp”. When I start extract this archive at about 97% the PA writes that file is in use, and cancel decompressing, that is VERY bad, as this file in in folder which contains all necessary files but as there is an error in extraction process none of the files are copied. At the same time WinRAR doesn’t produce this type of error. If interesting, on Saturday I can post screenshot of message displayed and screenshot which shows that the file is in archive.


  • conexware

    I think I have found something probably related to this, when I was testing something else. Try extracting an filename with long, long path in that archive and see what happens. Does it report error with that file or some other?

  • Hi,
    yes, the issue with file in use is with file with long path. Will be any solution regarding how to extract such archives? May be at least add option to extract archive in any case (not to break decompressing) and report in log file what files were not extracted?


  • conexware

    We will check it out a bit futher - there is an bug there that does not allow PA to extract/open files that are smaller than windows limitation of 255 character (which is zip limitation as well), and this is what you are actually experiencing. I am not sure what exactly is current PA’s limit, it seems greater than 220 characters and less than 250. We will check it out more and fix it in one of the future revisions (but probably not the one this week since we need more time to test if we did not brake something else).

    thanks for the report.

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