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Context menu query

  • Alpha Testers

    does anyone know what program this highlighted line is attached to?..I’ve been unable to track it down so I can remove it…I searched through my context menus using ‘shellexview’ but I still can’t find it.

    any help would be appreciated thanks,


  • Have you bought anything from NCH software? They have a burner called Express Burner which does have the name isowrite…🆒

    However, from what I can tell, folks are quite displeased with the previously free software, the support they are getting from the NCH staff, the data loss, HD meltdowns, inability to remove previously installed software, and also the inability to burn anything using the software…:(

    Hope that helps!!

  • Alpha Testers

    thanks for the feedback but I don’t have any recollection of installing such software on my system.
    I search my archived programs on dvd and there’s no record of it there either.
    I’ll just have to keep searching for an answer.

    thanks again,


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