Unknown Encryption Method

  • I am trying to access a .pae file for my job, but when I try to open it I get the error message ‘Unknown Encryption Method’. This is even before the prompt for the password. I’m pretty sure that the file was encrypted in PowerArchiver (would anything else give it a pae extension?).

    Would you please let me know how I can access this file.

    Many thanks,

  • Do you have PowerArchiver installed on your work computer? PAE files are not self decrypting and require PA installed to unpack them.

  • Yes I do have PA installed and I have been able to decrypt other pae files

  • can you send it to powerarchiver to check

  • Open the .pae file in a text editor and you should see something like:

    “Rijndael Encrypted File (PowerArchiver 2004: www.powerarchiver.com)
    File: Mozilla_Firefox_Stuff.zip
    SHA-1: 1223838328929438483929384929384983493939”

    as the header. If not, then it’s not a PA encrypted archive. If you do see it there, then it’s likely that the file has been corrupted somehow.

  • conexware


    Your PAE file has been corrupted most likely. Usually this happens during download or email, but it could happen due to the bad media as well.

    Unfortunatly since it is an encrypted file, it is impossible to repair the archive.


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