Power Arichver 2010 deployment

  • Hi!

    We just bought around 2000 licences of Power Archiver 2010 and want to deploy it on every computer in our company.
    My task is to make an installation script for the deployment.
    First it seemed very easy cause of the msi file, but I’ve much truble to get our settings to PA after the installation.
    I tryed to deploy the settings via registry keys and after some time of testing it now works except for a few things:

    1. When you first start the application it opens the “help” window. Is there a way to disable it?

    2. On the first start there is a message saying PA is not associated with archives, but if you look at a archive it has the PA icon, the context menu is working and PA opens when you click on it. So I think the message is false, but is there a way to disable it?
    The user shouldn’t be asked strange things when he first starts his computer after installation ;)

    The reg key “Associate with Zip files” is set to 1 and “Check for Zip association” to 0.

    3. To configure wich filetyp should be associated, I used the reg key PA-Path\General\Associated Archives with the value 1101111111110111011111111111111011

    If you click “yes” on the message I mentioned at “2.” this settings seems to be overwritten.

    4. Can I disable the password manager with a reg key?

    5. I used the reg key Pa-Path\AutoUpdate\Checkfor and Checkforupdates and set the value to 0, but the autoupdate is still enabled.

    Is there a list of registry options with a discription?
    Or maybe I’m doing it to complicated. Maybe there is a way to export configuration of PA and import it via command line or anything thats scriptable?

    I also had a look to the MSI to make a transform, but I never did this before so I was just confused by all this settings ^^

    I hope someone can help me


  • Hi Malte,

    Welcome to the PowerArchiver Forums.

    The PowerArchiver Team do have set methods on how to restrict and default settings for Global Admin deployment.

    If you have not done so already please can you email support with the same details or further detail on the problems you are experiencing.

    You will receive an email from one of the team who will endeavor to support you going forward.

  • conexware

    closing the thread, any enterprise installations, please contact support… thank you sir richard!

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