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    any of you guys suggest a good file shredding program that will also give me a context menu option in explorer and in the recycle bin as seen in screenshot below.

    tuneup utilities has a nice setup but I got tired of having all the program installed especially when all I wanted was the shredder.
    I’ve just tested ‘fileshredder’ but upto now can’t get a context menu to show in windows7…possibly because it’s no longer updated.

    any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Not used it for a long time but Eraser gives you a context menu on the recycle bin and I think it did in explorer too. As I say it’s a long time since I used it and my memory isn’t what it used to be. :D

    I don’t know if it works with Win7 though.

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    thanks Luxor…I’ll check it out later today…:)

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    downloaded their latest version but wasn’t what I was looking for…their previous version 5.0 though works a treat and was exactly what I wanted…many thanks ‘Luxor’ for the info…:)

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    No problem mate :)

  • I use East-Tec Eraser:

    It looks like it is the most complete erasing software… They release updates with support for newest applications every few months…

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    thanks NTFS for the feedback…it’s appreciated.

  • Blancco File Shredder is a good one very similar to safeit Security Suite and File Shredder.

    I used to use Eraser due to its open source and using a multitude of recovery methods including Magnetic, Blanco and Eraser passed the tests.

    Although, a full free and file wipe using recommended goverment methods do take sometime to process.
    In the Goverment they have adapted software using very much the identical methods of the above.

    When a user deleted a file the goverment approved software wipes it without you knowing in the background, also during preboot and shut down specific locations are quickly wiped, freespace is also wiped during system inactivity.

    Top that off with Encrypted preboot methods and thats what you call security.

    If your interested in that level, a good product to use is Deslock. The business licence is £80, this includes file erasing, Disk Encryption, Live Email Encryption and full system intergration.

    The disadvantage with just a file wiping program is it can only offer a set level of security, if a person wants to recover your details they will, thats why its best to use Encryption Methods as if an individual has recovered a deleted file its contents are excrypted and potentially currupted due to the wipe methods thus very hard to recover or make sense of

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    thank you Richard for the in-depth info regarding my needs…it’s appreciated…:)

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