Changing file focus does not work properly

  • When you try to change the focused item by the use of the keyboard. (Pressing A key will focus the first file that start with A) it does not work most of the times. I could link a preview if needed.

  • conexware

    maybe because if you press them “fast” enough it adds them together (so pressing a and then b, will look for “ab” not b.).

    Or not :-). Let us know.

  • The matter is that when I press a key, it does not always focus a file/folder. Sometimes it does not work for only a particular letter, this usually happens when I press its key twice, and others it does not work until I use the arrow keys to select another file/folder, make a click on a file/folder or in any part of the PowerArchiver windows.

    If needed I could create a demo and upload somewhere.

  • conexware

    so it is not an issue of it adding them together if you write them fast after each other?

  • In some cases it is because the key is pressed “too quick”. (It usually only works when the time interval between pressed keys is more than 1365 milliseconds but sometimes it works with less time too.)

    The other behaviours do not always happen. Could it be due a software conflict?

  • conexware

    if you could send an video or something that explains it better, it would be very good. I tried it few times and seems to work fine, but i might not be trying exactly the same thing as you.

  • The pressed keys are not displayed properly. I will try to upload a better demo in some days. ( )

    In the demo you can see:
    1. At the beginning the “4.txt” icon is not the one it should have.
    2. When the Desktop (Escritorio) is selected (Not using “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrador\Escritorio” link of the Explorer Display Stile but “Escritorio”) and a file is deleted, PowerArchive does not refresh itself
    3. When key 1 is pressed two times, 11.txt file is not selected. And the same happens with the other ones.

  • conexware

    3. Is that only for numbers, it works fine for letters?

  • conexware

    1. weird, does that happen a often?

  • conexware

    2. PowerArchiver does not refresh after deletion or creation, you have to press F5. Reason for it is that some users experienced AV’s with automatic refresh which we could not reproduce so that was the easiest soution (having to press F5 rather than automatically getting an AV).

  • 1. I do not really know. I just realized this when I was creating the files for the demo.
    2. In my computer PowerArchiver refreshs itself after deletion or creation of files/folders. It only does not do it on Desktop.
    3. It is for numbers and letters. (aa.txt, 11.txt)

    Some focus problems are generated due to the Internet view of the preview window. For example previewing pdfs.

  • conexware

    3. i got it, it is when we have same characters typed in…

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