Invalid archive handling

  • A colleague sent me a zip file which I tried to extract via shell “extract to \filenameasfolder”.
    PA created the folder than closed - nothing extracted and folder left.
    So I tried shell “test” - PA reported “All files OK”.

    Tried opening within PowerArchiver (not shell), and PA shows empty filelist.

    After further messing about I discovered that the file was just an avi video that had been RENAMED as zip (no compression of any kind). I was able to reproduce the problem with multiple other avi files renamed as zip.

    While I go and “politely admonish” my colleague, could the test extraction be checked to actually produce an “invalid archive” message?

    Note: Tried with both 11.61.01 and 11.61.04.

  • conexware

    ok, Mili will log it in the morn… official 11.61 is coming out so this will be for next unofficial release.

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