Windows 7: A couple of gripes with PA

  • I was troubleshooting a problem with Windows 7 and uninstalled PA while doing so. The uninstaller should restore the built-in zip functions of Win7 but it broke the right-click “send to” compressed folder as well as right-click “create new” compressed folder options. I was able to manually restore the first but haven’t discovered a way to restore the second. Also I had to manually reset the file association for zipfiles back to windows explorer since the uninstaller also didn’t reset that association either. Please fix this!


    PS: Running v11.60.23

  • conexware

    associations issues are not specific to Win7 - we never restored them because there is no easy way of doing so.

  • Is it not possible to just take note of the current associations/context menu settings and simply reverse them during un-install?

  • conexware

    we have made it so it restores zip folders support now, after you uninstall PA.

    Problem with restoring to previous setting is that you might not have previous program either by the time you uninstall PA.

  • Will uninstalling PA also restore the default cab view. CAB and ZIP support can be restored by unregistering and re-registering cabview.dll and zipfldr.dll.

  • conexware

    yes, restores zip and cab from now on…

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