Backup Tabing

  • This is something I mentioned a while back during the Alpha stage but other things took priority.

    The Tabing in the 1st menu of Backup needs changing a step…

    Currently it stands as;

    1.File Name
    2.Location Folder Icon
    3.add time stamp
    4.overwrite previous file
    5. Next “Button”

    Step 4 needs to be changed to step 3 as you are currently tabing back on yourself. Thefore, the process will then be;

    1.File Name
    2.Location Folder Icon
    3.overwrite previous file
    4.add time stamp
    5. Next “Button”


  • Or, as you are using the keyboard anyway, use the ALT key codes
    Alt-A = Filename
    Alt-O = overwite
    Alt-T = timestamp
    Alt-N = Next


  • conexware

    Noted it. Thank you sir’s!! :)

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