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"Check for new version" error/failure

  • Win XP SP3, PA 11.60.18

    Up to now, my scheduled update checks have worked fine and have enabled me to keep my PA up to date.

    However, without warning, I’m getting an error "Could not retrieve version information from Internet. Error “can’t resolve hostname to IP address”.

    I haven’t made any changes to firewalls etc and have tried the check with all protection turned off, but still get this error.

    Any ideas?

  • Alpha Testers

    ‘update checking’ still working fine for me in Windows 7 Ultimate…I just tested it again to confirm.

  • Alpha Testers

    Working OK here on Vista too.

  • Thanks for your answers.

    I don’t use Internet Explorer, but it occurred to me that some update routines connect using it in background.

    I cranked it up, and got some hang and other problems, so I reinstalled IE 8.

    After a bit of fiddling about with IE, my PA updates were back to normal.


  • Alpha Testers

    Well figured out. 🙂
    The mysteries of Internet Explorer.

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