Blacklisting serials

  • Alpha Testers

    I’m still finding the very latest build of PA and serials provided with it on illegal sites…do you guys not have a means of blacklisting these serials once they are reported to you?
    in fact the site in question knew about the release of PA even before me and had it up on their site with serials provided.

  • Alpha Testers

    I’m guessing from your lack of response that you’re powerless in this situation?

  • My guess isn’t that they are powerless, but like anything there is a cost involved. Is the cost greater than the benefit? Weighing that factor may make the option to not respond to the illegal keys a smart business decision. Not knowing how many actually take advantage of stolen items like that, the percentage could be low enough that the benefit gained isn’t worth the effort.

    Just my thoughts on the topic.

  • Alpha Testers

    I take your point on cost involved but if you already have a team of coders that excel in producing a product how much more work can it be to implement a system whereby the program instantly recognizes a blacklisted serial and consequently shuts down the program installation.

    I know of other software companies that have implemented systems where blacklisted keys are no longer applicable…I can’t think of them off hand but I do recall reading about them and their success.
    maybe I should stop being overly concerned about such matters and just use the program for what it is.

  • I do know that there is one individual that follows the Twitter acct and posts the preview releases on a warez forum. I know becuase some relelases were only mentioned on twitter and not the forum or the blog.

    Tracking down the person is rather difficult. In the mean time, I send take down requests to rapidshare and other file hosting sites as I find PA links/posts on the net.

  • conexware

    we do black list them, send report of new ones as you find them… we dont do it for every release, because what they do is steal credit cards and purchase PowerArchiver with them.

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