• Hello

    Anybody out there knows what

    StarBurn.pas : Invalid StarBurn.dll version : 0x20090622. Expected : 0x20090615


    This I got when attempting to load an ISO file as a virtual drive.

    Just click on OK and things go well thereafter.

    When closing the virtual drive, same error.


  • conexware


    Please update your virtual drivers through the “check for new version” option. That should fix it

  • Hello, this happened áfter updating to version 11.60.12 (08/2009)
    Is there anything else I should update ?

  • conexware

    Make sure your Virtual drive emulator is version

    Once you click on Help>Check for new version, click the Next button in the low left corner.
    That will check the version of your current drivers and let you upgrade to the newest version.

    • Thank you *
      Frankly, I was not aware of 2/2 of the update …
      It worked out fine.

    Again - many thanks!


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