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  • Banned

    I really like many of PA’s features; I like supporting a small company like Conexware rather than Corel.

    However, your company releases versions for Beta testing far too prematurely.

    I am amazed at the number of problems I have seen discussed on these forums; I am amazed at the number of problems I have experienced (the most annoying one was fixed, then reappeared several versions later, and despite my best efforts, has still not been corrected in RC3).

    I have done a fair bit of beta testing for other companies (including WinZip).

    I have never seen anything like this.

    You are losing this customer . . . at least for a while. I need something more reliable. I suspect I am not alone. I would urge you to not release version, even for beta testing, until you are sure that any remaining problems are minor.

    Consider it. It will help your product, and it merits serious attention.



  • conexware


    as discussed in the email, we are sad to see you go.

    However, without proper report we can not fix the issue that you have had with extract mru not wanting to overwrite the file in some folders. I understand that you believe similar issue was fixed before, but unfortunatly that does not help us with locating the issue and I have personally tried it on 5 different computers.

    You have been very helpful in the past and for that we thank you. So if you ever get to change your mind, we will be here.

    thanks for all of your help…

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