7zip question

  • Alpha Testers

    I’m curious to know if you can shed light on why when I use the ‘7zip’ compression option does it display a huge increase on one of the psd files as indicated in attached screenshot.
    when I use ‘zip’ compression it displays correctly…it only seems to occur when using ‘7zip’.

  • conexware

    are you using solid option? In that case, info there might not be correct as with solid archiving files are archived in blocks, not individually…

    Do you actually see archive increased in size?

  • conexware

    p.s. nice car


  • Alpha Testers

    no…no size increase in archive…in fact it actually gives the best compression out of all the formats I used…it was a ‘solid’ archive and when I tested it without the ‘solid’ option it reported it correctly.
    screenshot shows archive without ‘solid’ option.

  • conexware

    yep, thats because when you use solid options, it treats files as 64 MB blocks (for instance, depends on level chosen), so it does not know correct info about files inside, it knows about the block itself.

    But because blocks are compressed together, better compression is achieved, as well as speed, so it is win win situation 🙂

  • Alpha Testers

    thanks for the edification boss…;)