Compression/File Extension Type

  • i have created 3 back up jobs to run at various times overnight :

    on all 3 jobs i have chosen the standard “.ZIP” compression, rather than the newer .ZIPX , and made sure that the file name ended in zip - i.e.

    however - the physical output file is always created as .ZIPX , i have renamed it - and opened it with an older zip utility - which appears to read the archive with no problem - so its more of a curiosity rather than a problem

    this may be reporting an older thread , my apologies if it does

  • Alpha Testers

    I can confirm this…double checked to make sure I’d selected zip and not zipx but the backup still ended up with a zipx extension.

    I think it all stems from where you enter your ‘archive filename’ as seen in screenshot…
    it defaults to zipx and it’s here I changed it an everything worked fine.

  • Thanks for your comment moles42

    i do remember actually checking this when i created the backup parameters, and also has happend on 3 backup jobs…

    i also opened up the backup job script file and double checked

    Archive=Z:\Backup\Daily\ < –— ZIP :)

    however - what i have noticed, which is interesting (well i think so), when creating a backup, and going thru the wizzard , even though i selected ZIP in the file name, and ZIP as the compression type - when getting to the end of the wizzard and selecting “backup now” - it created a ZIPX file - HOWEVER - the next day when the 3 jobs ran automatically as part of a schedule they created a correct ZIP file - so im wondering if its a bug in the wizzard (backup brogram), where subsequent runs are read from the backup script file

    (i hope this makes sense) …

  • conexware

    please try with .12 release (redownload Preview version from our site), we didnt do anything specifically for this, but i could not reproduce it.


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