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Slow opening of archive with many files

  • Hi,

    I made a backup of my appdata folder in windows (using 7-Zip).
    The archive contains 58345 Files / 4,4 GB compressed / 8,84 GB uncompressed.
    PA 2010 (11.50.66) takes 49 seconds to display the archive contents.
    7-Zip opens the same archive instantly.
    Every time I open the PA settings, or switch between views, PA reads the whole archive again 😕

    Are there any plans to fix this? If not, I kind of regret spending 20 € on this software.

  • conexware

    Can you please send us your registry key: HKCU\Software\PowerArchiver, zipped, to support at conexware . com.

    It should open quite fast - views and changing options does re-load archive (to apply those options), but you are not going to do that every time you open archive, are you?

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