New version question about .cab

  • I used PA 2001 in May or June to create am IncrediMail letter. What I did was create the letter in IM’s Letter Creator as usual, which produces an .imf file. To make the letter have frames, I unzip the file and fix the HTML. I then select all the letter components, right click and choose “Compress to ZIP + Options”. When I create the .cab file, I change the extension to .imf and load it into IM. I’ve been trying to do the same for 3 days, but the Compress option doesn’t show anymore (Same computer, same OS). Can PA’s newset version do what I want?

  • conexware

    so you have no shell extensions at all? Nothing shows when you right click on a file?

    Maybe you didnt restart computer and new shell extensions did not register yet?


  • Actually, I’ve restarted numerous times as well as uninstall/reinstall, removed WinZip’s shell extensions, everything I could think and still no PA shell extensions. They were there, 2-3 months later, gone. And I hadn’t change anything.

  • conexware

    Go to PA> Options> Set to defauls. Does that help?

    What version of PA are you using? (you can see in Help> About).