Weird Win32/Induc virus causes gray hair for programmers

  • The Register reports about a virus that can cause problems for Delphi programmers:

    Virus writers have gone old school with the creation of a virus that infects Delphi files as they are built.

    When a Delphi file infected with Induc-A virus is run, it searches for Delphi programming installations on an infected machine and attempts to infect this installation. More specifically, the malware attempts to infect SysConst.pas, which it then compiles to SysConst.dcu. Once this process is completed the SysConst.dcu file is programmed to add the Induc-A virus to every new Delphi file that gets compiled on the system.

    Since many great programs like Total Commander or Power Archiver are made in Delphi, this is interesting news. Let’s try to stay safe and clean! :) I don’t usually post news anywhere but this one interests me 'cos so many of my favorite programs are coded in Delphi. I hope the Conexware labs have been safe from this virus so we can get some great new versions soon. :)

  • conexware

    Never had Virus and dont plan to :-)

  • That’s the way I like it! :D This was a little scary virus though, because anti-virus didn’t detect it for months. Whoops. :eek:

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