Renaming files in archive doesn't work

  • I’m using 11.50.66 on WinXP Pro SP3.

    I have a ZIP archive that contains files I wanted to rename. When I right click files and select “Rename…” I get the appropriate dialog and everything seems fine–except that after clicking OK, nothing changes, and no error is shown. The ZIP file is not read-only.

    I will send the archive via email (if desired) but I don’t want to post it here.

    I lost track of how many bug reports have passed… :)

  • conexware

    how big is the archive?

  • 96 KB total

  • conexware

    support at conexware dot com

    please, thank you!

  • conexware

    got the evil file, we will proceed to treat it with some voodooo magic


  • I thought this problem was corrected so I don’t know if I’m reporting needlessly.

    I’m now running PA 11.60.10. When I try renaming the files in the same archive I sent to you regarding this problem, the behavior is really strange. It doesn’t visibly change the name in the listing, but if I hit F2 again, the “From” name shown in the Rename dialog reflects the new name.

    And if I rename a file and then close the archive and reopen it, the old name still appears in the file list (and yet the “From” name in the Rename dialog still reflects the new name).

  • conexware

    i forgot to update this issue - it has been corrected now better, try with .12 release (but on fresh file not old one)… see what happens and let us know.


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