Avast V5 New Suite

  • Hi,

    For those who are Fellow Avast! Users it has been I thought that you would like to know that Version 5 will be released sometime in Octobter “If Alpha & Beta Testing goes well” They have redesigned the user interface and create re branded their suites.

    A Free Home Edition “as displayed”
    B. Paid proffesional version “Avast Proffesional”
    C. Avast Security Suite “with firewall”

    The Avast Security Suite includes a firewall for the 1st time in ages!

    This is something that I personally have been talking to Avast too about with the last 4 years!! As previsoly I have had to use their software for virus protection and then a brand like ZoneAlarm free for a basic firewall with inbound and outbound protection.

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