Drag Drop file into archive deleted the archive!!!

  • Hi all,

    I can’t find a section for PowerArchiver 2009, so here is my problem

    I’m using Version 11.03.04

    1. I created an archive with some password encryption using PA, I named it ABC.zip
    2. One day I decided to drag and drop a text file called “text.txt” into it.
    3. It prompts me with a msg that says:
      “Cannot create “C:\Users\Kevin\Desktop\test.zip”. File already exists. Update existing file?”
      (See screenshot attached)
    4. I misread the prompt and thought it meant “update existing archive by adding the file I dragged to it”
    5. I clicked “YES”.
    6. My archive disappears, to be replaced by the text file that i dragged into it. So all I have left is the text file.

    I’m trying to retrieve my archive file. I’ve tried the same drag and drop thing using an archive without password unencryption and it seemed to work and did not replace the file, but successfully added the file to the archive.

    THis was totally unexpected, I’ve lost my original encrypted file. Does anyone know what I did wrong, or if there is any way I can get it back?

    Key facts:

    • Was performed on a password encrypted archive
    • Was all done on an External Hard Disk
    • Dragging text file into archive (both in same folder), clicked on Yes, archive disappeared, only text file was left.

    I"m running Getdataback to see if i can get lucky.


  • And yes there is nothing in my recycle bin.
    What did power archiver do to my original archive???

  • conexware

    Updating the archive, should only add another file to it… there is another prompt for overwriting archive, but you did not get that one.

    Just adding a file to archive should not overwrite it unless something has gone wrong regardless of encryption.

    I suggest that you upgrade to PA 2010 in any case.

  • Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately I cannot find anything using getdataback.
    Neither is there anything in my recycle bins.
    My archive seems to have completely disappeared.
    Sigh. This doesn’t make sense.

  • I ran similar tests on other encrypted archives and it worked this time. Still does not explain why it happened to the archive that contained my important data.

    Does power archiver use a temporary folder to store data it is working on by any chance? Perhaps PA ran into a fatal error halfway and lost the original copy of the file… but did not notify me

  • conexware

    whats the size of new zip? Does it correspond to the size of that text file or? (is it larger than it should be?).

  • Thanks for the reply spwolf.

    The thing is it didn’t actualyl create a new zip.


    1. ABC.zip (about 200MB, password encryption)
    2. 123.txt (about 2.2kb - drag and dropped this into the ABC.zip)


    1. only 123.txt left (still 2.2kb), ABC.zip missing.


  • conexware

    i didnt realize that, you might be able to recover it via some undelete program, but you have to use that disk as little as possible so data does not get overwriten!

  • I did use getdataback, but it didn’t show up with any results.
    Not a trace, seriously.

    I’m wondering if powerarchiver had overwritten the original 200MB archive with the 2.2kb text file such that getdataback can’t find it anymore.
    Sad sad sad.

  • conexware


    I did use getdataback, but it didn’t show up with any results.
    Not a trace, seriously.

    I’m wondering if powerarchiver had overwritten the original 200MB archive with the 2.2kb text file such that getdataback can’t find it anymore.
    Sad sad sad.

    nah, PA did not overwrite it in such way (nor it can or has any facility to do so).

    but it is strange that you dont even get the option to try to recover it. Did you try some other recovery program?

  • :(

    I used getdataback, scanned the partition, ended up with a big tree of files and directories.

    Searched using wildcards for the name of the missing archive but nothing popped up.

    Would you have any other programs to recommend that would help recover data?

  • conexware

    search via google, i have no idea, i had to recover something and it didnt make it because i didnt stop using the disk (which is important), but my file was 3 GB. I certainly did get the filename properly

  • If its something that is Critical or very important to you I would advise that you stop using the disc and contact a company such as Ontrack Data Recovery.

    You can even download or buy their advanced file recovery software. This is the same type of software the British Goverment uses to recover Files from DOD wiped hardrives. Recoverying a file that might of been overwritten is possible using what I call Ghost Copies… ie shadowed data that is underneath of what has been written.

    Example; If you have 10 pieces of paper and write on the top page it creates an imprint on the pages behind it a person could use a pencil to trace what you wrote on the 5th or even 10th page thus recovering what you wrote even if you burnt the original page! A harddrive stores and writes data very much the same way thats why you can view Previos Hierarchy folder structures from formated drives the underlying data is still their! Its just a means of recovery.


    They have a support line, and free online chat.

  • @advo:


    Would you have any other programs to recommend that would help recover data?

    No backups? :eek::(

    I’ve used Restorer 2000 (now called Restorer Ultimate) - http://www.bitmart.net/ - with great results a while back when a hard drive died on me. Windows couldn’t do a damn thing with the drive, but Restorer was able to get all the important files I wanted off it (hey, I learned about backups the hard way…)

    I’m not sure how well it does with deleted files, but I think the trial should give you a very good idea if it’ll work before you pay anything (it’ll show you the file names and let you pull off small files, I think).

    Also, a well regarded, free utility for deleted file recovery is Recuva - http://www.recuva.com/. But I have no personal experience with it.

    Then again, GetDataBack is pretty well regarded too…

    Of course a key aspect of being able to undelete files is to not use the disk the deleted file was on. If it’s your system drive, ideally you’d remove it from your machine and hook it up to some other machine to perform the recovery.

  • Going forward, it is always important to have backup systems in place! one main service I use “FREE” is “Idrive” I have 12 gigs of data free which is use to backup important files, my documents and anything I feel i need to via the internet. Should the worst happen recovering the files could not be simpler!

    Keeping backups via an extra disc or harddrive is great but if the worst should happen ie a house fire most of the times the back drives and discs are destroyed or too damaged to use.

    These days a majority of internet users have a stable and fast enough connection to stream files online so these online backup companies are able to lower their prices due to the increase in demand.

    Grant you wont be able to backup all your movies, music etc… But anything important such as photo’s or personal documents and files would benifit.

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