Tar.gz failure

  • In PowerArchiver 11.50.61, when attempt to make a .tar.gz file containing one 5.2G file and one 2K file, PowerArchiver makes an invalid tar file. When I attempt to re-open it, it says the 5.2G file is only 1.3G and doesn’t even get to the other file.

  • conexware

    our tar support is limited to 2 GB I believe…. thats why it wont work properly.

  • I downloaded bsdtar which can create the large tar.gz.

    It seems PowerArchiver can read that file fine. (Which I sort of thought it could because I think I have used PowerArchiver on large tar.gz files in the past).

    Can I request that PowerArchiver pop up a dialog saying it cannot create a large tar.gz file if I ever try to do it again?

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