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    Do you remember the smell?? Loverly! I think it came in pink bars! Brings us back 🙂

    just for you Sir !!! 😃
    in case you were feeling a little grimy after all that facebook activity… :p

  • @moles42:

    just for you Sir !!! 😃
    in case you were feeling a little grimy after all that facebook activity… :p

    Thats the one!! “FlashBack” cheers Moles… integrate scratch and sniff on this forum 😃

  • Alpha Testers

    now there’s an interesting concept Richard…what would you have on the forum if you actually could intergrate a ‘scratch & sniff’ option ?

    A Big favourite of mine has always been the smell of ‘Playdoh’…my 7 year old daughter plays with it quite often and I can’t help but get involved with it and get that great smell on my hands…brings back floods of memories from when I was a kid…:)

    anyone else got thoughts on the issue?
    maybe something that’s currently in your lives or a product which brings back memories from long ago 😃

    Apologies to Admin…I seem to be steering this thread in a totally different direction…:o

    they will end up banning me for ‘spamming’…:eek:

  • Now Moles, That is a question with so many possible answers! 😃 Playdoh was also one of those things I used to play with but at the moment my Daughter is only 2 Years old so the closest smell I could contribute is that of a nappy.

    When I was a kid there was a toy my sister used to play with it was like a weird animal with a really sweet smell and each model would smell of something different like blueberry pie and vanilla etc but for the sake of me I cant remember the name.

    As for admin banging it up technically as this post was linked into Social Networking we are only following on as you would in Facebook where people talk about one thing and it ends up on a totaly different subject 😃

    Pass that soap now please…

  • conexware

    Who’s hungry?

  • Alpha Testers

    can’t you just smell that playdoh Mili…:D

  • @Mili:

    Who’s hungry?

    Looks nice but is it Free Range? 😃

  • Just on my Linux machine and just scratched my screen.
    Coor a) fish and chips (from an English chippy on the left) and b) pint of Tim Taylor’s from the Junction Inn @ Otley, Yorkshire on the right.
    = Hog’s heaven. Long live open source eh? And you guys can only think of soap? <shakes head="">.



  • Alpha Testers

    But at least we’re clean. :p;):D