Comment panel hidden by preview panel

  • I’m not trying to invent bugs. I just happened to notice this.

    I’m using the Classic interface, and under Actions > “Archive Comment…”, I have “Show comments when opening archives” selected. Also, under Miscellaneous in the options panel, I have “Automatically dock archive comments” selected.

    The screen shots make this the most clear. When I arrange the comment and preview panels as seen in the first image, and then close and reopen PA (using an archive that has a comment), the result is the second image. The comment panel is there, but it’s “behind” the preview panel (i.e. if I close or move the preview panel, the comment panel is there).

    When the comment and preview panels are reversed as per the first image (i.e. comment panel on the left rather than the right), PA can handle it just fine. The comment and preview panels stay put.

    I found this bug (feature?) by accident, after trying to arrange the PA window the way I wanted it (comment panel on right). I started this thread as a “Comments not automatically shown” bug, but then realized the comment panel actually is there, it’s just hidden.

  • conexware

    every bug is an bug :).

    as to the panels, they are killing us, killing us :)

  • Overall, I love the panels.

    I forgot to mention that I know the comment panel is “hidden” because if you close the preview panel (or drag it like mad), you can then see the comment panel.

  • conexware

    we love them too, but there are many small issues with size/position, and frankly last two weeks we are banging our heads against it :)

  • conexware

    if you like to know behind the scenes stuff, we are one of the few programs that tries to properly resize their panels/windows when you resize overall window. And these unicode components that are using are not really built for that (hence not many other programs have that). Its something that most people dont notice, but appreciate nevetheless :).

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