PowerArchiver on CD?

  • Is it possible to purchase PowerArchiver with the backup CD option? There is installation information from the readme.txt file. The first option is installing from CD. The second option is installing from .EXE.

    ************************** Installation *************************

    If you received this version of PowerArchiver on a CD disk
    please follow the instructions on the disk label to install

    If you received this version of PowerArchiver in a EXE file
    format (POWARC1150.EXE), you can install it as follows:

    1. Select “Run” from the Taskbar Start menu
    2. Type the full name of the file (for example,C:\POWARCU1150.EXE)
    3. Press the Enter key, and follow the prompts

    ************************** DISCLAIMER ***************************

  • conexware

    not right now. with PA, you have lifetime recovery guarantee, and you will always be able to recover your purchased version of PA.

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