Renaming a file being viewed

  • 1. Open an archive containing a viewable file (e.g. a TXT file).

    2. From the archive, open the TXT file in a text editor.

    3. Rename the TXT file in PA (right click, select “Rename…”).

    4. Change file in text editor, close text editor, and switch to PA. You will be prompted to update the file in the archive. The names don’t match. (See attached image.)

    5. Say “Yes” to the update prompt. Now there will be two files–the original file with the new name, and an updated one with the original name.

    My thought was that PA should either:

    A) Not allow the rename at all (not a good idea).

    B) Allow the rename after a prompt reminding the user that the file is open in an external editor.

    C) Allow it as normal, but after updating the file (i.e. step 5 above), update it using the new name, rather than adding a second file. (This option makes the most sense to me.)

  • conexware

    its complicated.

  • conexware

    this is going to count as 1/2 bug.

    j/k :)

  • It occurs to me that you could have an archive with multiple files, open File1, then rename both files in the archive so File2 becomes renamed to File1. Obviously you wouldn’t want to automatically replace File1 since it started life as File2…

    Yeah, it’s complicated. :)

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