Email functions not working

  • If I right click any given file(s) and select the “Compress & E-Mail ‘’” option, it doesn’t work. The archive doesn’t even get created, and no email client window opens. (The “Compress To ‘’” function does work.)

    If I right click an existing archive and select “E-Mail it…”, nothing happens (so to speak). I can see POWERARC.EXE being launched with this command line, but no email client window opens:

    "C:\Program Files\PowerArchiver\POWERARC.EXE"  -emailit "C:\path\"
    ```This copy of POWERARC.EXE doesn't show a window, and it exits immediately.
    I'm running the bleedingest-edge version of PA that all the coolest people are running, on WinXP Pro SP3\. Thunderbird is my email client, and it's properly registered as such.

  • conexware

    if you select right click, send to> email, it works i would suppose?

    I just tested and it works with Outlook (we just use 10 year old MAPI functions), i need to download and install tbird to see if i can reproduce it. thanks.

  • conexware

    works on Win7 and latest tbird… need to try on XP tomorrow.

  • In fact, the “Send To” > “Mail Recipient” function was not working. But this turns out to be a Thunderturd problem, not a PowerArchiver problem. They screwed this up in the latest Thunderturd update. Fortunately other users have dealt with this already.

    The solution is to go to this registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Mozilla Thunderbird
    ```And set **DLLPath** (REG_SZ) so that it points to the full path to **mozMapi32.dll**, _sans_ quotes. (I actually found it will _not_ work if you surround it in quotes.)
    For me, the path to mozMapi32.dll is:

    C:\Program Files\Thunderbird\mozMapi32.dll


    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\mozMapi32.dll

    My PowerArchiver email functions work fine now.
    Sorry to take your time with this nonsense.

  • conexware

    its all good, thanks for clearing it up, closing this one!

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