Issue with opening tar.gz file

  • I’m using this internal build that was graciously provided to resolve other issues. I’ve found a separate problem with this version. I don’t know if it happens with the current release version, but I assume it does.

    I downloaded this file (you have to click the “nipfilter.dat.gz” link at the top, then you have to click “Download” on the page that opens). I opened it in PA and tried to extract it to a folder that already had a copy of ipfilter.dat. The prompt I got was strange. See attached.

    It says the new file is 0 bytes, yet you can see it isn’t. The date/time is wrong too. When I open this archive in WinRAR, the date/time shows as 7/14/2009 4:19 AM. PA shows the same date in the archive and in the dialog, but the time is off by one minute. Irrelevant. Both the date and time are wrong.

    The other strange thing is that the file is named ipfilter.dat in the archive, but when extracted, the file is named nipfilter.dat.

  • conexware

    nice one, thank you!

  • Note to others: This problem has been fixed in a new internal build that was supplied to me. My thanks to ConeXware.

  • conexware

    if you guys redownload PA 2010 from download pages, you will get latest 11.50.66 version which fixes this issue. Thanks!

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