Weird (?) behavior upon dragging to window

  • I’m using this internal build of PA on WinXP Pro SP3.

    Sorry to compare to WinRAR, but that’s what I’m used to.

    I often add to existing archives by having the main window in front of me, and then dragging the contents (files and/or folders) of an Explorer window to the archive. When I do this with WinRAR, I get a dialog that prompts me as to how I want the files/folders added. Once I OK that dialog, the archive in the main WinRAR window is updated, and I can see the files/folders I just added. I thought this was how it was supposed to work.

    (I’m not being a smart-ass here; I don’t normally use PA, so I’m not sure.)

    But when I do the same thing with PA–that is, have an archive open, then drag to it–what happens is that I get a dialog, but when I OK it, a new instance of POWERARC.EXE is opened. I then get a messagebox in the new PA window, saying “[archive name] already exists. Update existing file?” If I say Yes to that (and of course I do), the new PA instance updates the archive and then closes. I’m left with the original PA window, which shows an archive that doesn’t reflect what’s on disk.

    The “Reuse PowerArchiver window” option doesn’t affect this behavior. PA does the same thing whether that option is checked or not. (FWIW, I absolutely do not want that option enabled, since I want to be able to open more than one archive at a time.)

    I can’t believe this is how it’s supposed to work in PA. Shouldn’t it just update the archive using the existing POWERARC.EXE instance, and then update the archive display afterward?

  • conexware

    hm, i need to try it on XP… what kind of archive are you updating? And how are you dragging?

    You select file in explorer and drag it to PA window that has archive opened?

  • It’s a standard ZIP file. I’m just dragging a file from an Explorer window onto the open PA main window (after opening the archive of course).

    This issue happens seemingly no matter which ZIP archive I try it on. (It’s not just one screwy archive.)

  • conexware

    maybe screenshot of drag and drop window will help? thanks!

    i remember something about it 4-5 months ago at the start of testing (someone complained and something was changed), but my memory is not what it used to be (afterall 3 big ones behind the belt), and it works like it should here, so I am thinking it might be some setting that triggers that behaviour.

  • conexware

    maybe the best would be to save HKCU\Software\PowerArchiver registry to .reg file, and then reset defaults via Options menu. What happens then? If it works like intended, then send me that reg file zipped to support @ conexware . com.

    If it still works like it shouldnt, then post an screenshot of drag and drop window, maybe it will explain few things. I have tested on Win7, Vista, XP and Win2003 server and looks fine everywhere but we might be doing something differently.

    thank you!

  • After resetting to defaults, it seems to work correctly. I’ve sent the REG file to you.

  • conexware

    i knew it was something wacky in the country of denmark :)

  • I’m in North Carolina! :)

    I just found the same thing happens if I click the Add button and use the (advanced) Add window. So it’s not restricted to drag-and-drop.

  • conexware

    its due to some option that makes it do so.

    GOPACK! :)

  • conexware

    ah, got it - Add to Queue option is what is doing that :). Thats why it is separate process.

    Maybe set file size minimum for queue much larger so it doesnt work when you are updating just an 100kb file…

  • conexware

    if you would like for queue to have more options that will make it more usable for you, write away in wishlist forums. Input is very important and thats how we determine what to put in the future :).

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