Website Skins & Plugins link..

  • Hi Guys,

    Not sure if you have noticed but when on your site your Skins and Plugins link are not identical on the forums page.

    Ie you have “Skins”, “Plug-ins” on the Home About page but on Forums its “Skins & Plug-ins”.

    It also throws off your icons at the top.

  • i think the entire site wrapper for the forums is outdated as it’s also showing wrong latest news on the left :)

  • Alpha Testers

    I thought I heard a whisper some time ago that the site would be getting a makeover eventually but I could be mistaken….maybe I just dreamt it…:)

  • Going back a while I think it was mentioned that the website would be updated to reflect the new version of 2010! looking at the site it has on the home page but all the other pages are getting abit dated.

    I am sure the guys in the HQ have something up their sleevs

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