• I’ve sent an email to ‘’ two weeks ago and nobody wrote back to me, so perhaps I could ask you here (or you could suply me with another address to write to). My question followed:

    I’m planning to travel for about half a year, during which I’ll probably need to acquire a laptop - and I won’t be using my desktop. I’m currently an owner of 2 licenses of PA pro 2009, but one is used by members of my family on another computer.
    I tried to find an exact description of what my license covers, but couldn’t find it. Could you please let me know (mainly, I need to know if running the program on both my desktop and laptop requires two licenses, and if so, whether I’m allowed to transfer it between machines)?

    That all.

  • conexware

    Sorry - it probably got filtered out as spam.

    You can chose to use either per seat or per user licensing. Usually per user licensing is better, so that means that you can use PA on several computers as long as you are the only one using it.

    So you are good to go! :-)

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