PowerArchiver causing system crash?

  • Each time I try to open a zipped file with PowerArchiver, it causing my windows box to crash. I have isolated this to an issue with either windows or PowerArchiver, saince it has happened 4 times in the last 2 days. Each time I try to open a file, my system spontaneously reboots, and after it boots up I get a screen saying the system has recovered from a serious error. I have never had any troubles with PowerArchiver in the past and am not sure why this is happening. I’m not certain that it is PowerArchiver causing this, but it doesn’t happen with any other software.

  • Have you got a link to the zipped file causing problems ?

  • what system are you using and there is a known virus that only affects archive so check that you don’t have this also. if you don’t then it could be that zip file.

    I would suggest uninstalling pa and then rebooting and downloading a fresh new version of pa and see what happens then.

    I think it has to be either a virus or another software that is conflicting with pa.

  • conexware

    There is an known issue with Startup Guard that crashes systes after PowerArchiver is run. Other than that, it could be hard driver or ram issue as well.

    Generally speaking there is no known issue with PA causing system to crash and thats after few million downloads of 9.xx release.

    As david noted, try reinstalling PowerArchiver.
    If it still happens, scan your hd for errors and if there is nothing found, let us know and we will show you how to check what might be running unde pa.exe that is not from us.

    thank you and have a nice holidays…

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