Backup Express Lite

  • The backup options menu appears to allow for password protection for .bh files but it does not work. The check box for “protect with password” does not dim when .bh is selected, indicating this feature is possible. Maybe it is not supposed to be indicating this…… Otherwise, nice job again, guys!

  • conexware

    thanks, we will check it out!

  • Under the main “Add” window and under the “Options” tab the “Set Password” button is not deactivated when using blakhole compression. Clicking on it does indeed respond with a request for password, but a password cannot be set. This is much the same as what I’ve indicated concerning Backup Express Lite. I hope I am not driving you crazy, Spwolf, with all these picky observations. I only mean to help.

    Chuck :)

  • conexware

    actually, BH format has possibility of encryption, but it is not enabled in PA. So actual problem is that encryption is not enabled.

    We will check it out for 9.2


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