PA 2010 ImageBurner bug

  • Beta 3

    Use the image burner to burn an image…let’s for the sake of argument call it dvd.iso. It burns fine, finishes, and you are left with the image burner screen open. If you then click back (to burn another image), choose your new image (this time called cd.iso), select the blank disk you’ve just inserted, and click burn, it quickly rips through and gives an error message, almost like it was trying to burn the previous image or something. In my case, i first burned a dvd, and then wanted to burn a cd, but I haven’t tested cd/cd burn cases for example. Closing that burn image window, and opening a new one to start the new burn works just fine. The bug only happens when wanting to burn back to back. Might I suggest a possible option to “start over” when you are finished burning an image?

  • conexware

    Reproduced, thanks a bunch!

  • conexware

    please check pre-RC1 release:

    and let us know if this has been fixed :).


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