Larger file size, lower compression time for PA vs. WinZip

  • I am comparing compression space and time in PA 11.03.04 and WinZip 12.0.

    In WinZip I used “best” and in PA I choose “maximum” for compression settings.

    I could not do both tests on the same exact set of files, but it’s quite close. Both are the same Documents folder on the same PC, it’s just that some contents changed. (I didn’t plan these tests.)

    Under Winzip I had 9,200 files/993mb, whereas under PA test I had 8,200 files/980mb.

    The resulting WinZip file was 165mb, and took about 13 minutes. The resulting PA zip file is 253mb, and took about 9 minutes.

    Can you comment on these results, and tell me if I am doing something wrong, or is this reasonable?

  • conexware

    you need to use PA 2010… in example above, you used different compression methods, hence the difference… try PA 2010.

  • That is a completely pointless test, you invalidated any comparable results by using different compression methods and compressing different files.

    Use the exact same file set, and the same compression settings for whatever compression algorithm that you choose to use (zip, 7zip, rar etc.)

    Only then will you have results that you can use to compare both products. What you did just there is take an apple and compare it to an orange and ask us why they are so different. (It’s because they are different)

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